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Cloud Management & Server Administration

10 Orbits manages virtual private servers, public/private clouds, video streaming servers etc.

10 Orbits provides server administration services to manage your servers to reduce downtime and remain protected all the time. Our team is well-qualified to handle both Windows and Linux based servers. We take responsibility for quality system administration, which includes the server software update, security updates, configuration and installation of a firewall, various scanning processes, and other management of the system.

Technology we work with

Cloud Services

amazon, digital ocean, alibaba, azure, google cloud etc

Web Servers

nginx, apache, iis

Load balancers

HA proxy, AWS Elastic, Google Cloud, Azure

SQL Servers

mySQL, Postgres, MS SQL etc

Big Data

No SQL, DynamoDB, Mongo

Video Streaming

wowza, cloudflare, akamai


akamai, cloudflare, amazon


Firewall, SSL, VPN, Cloudflare

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