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Server Administration

Why Server Administration Company?

Managing a server is not easy. It requires complex server administration tasks such as backup restoration, server migration, issue troubleshooting, service optimization, and more. 10 Orbits provide the best server administration services that perfectly manage your server and maintain your business growth. Our team is well-qualified to handle Windows, Linux, and UNIX servers and will not let your servers down even high loaded traffic risk comes up. We take responsibility for quality system administration, which includes the server software update, security updates, configuration and installation of a firewall, various scanning processes, and management of the antivirus system.

Your best Server Management services from 10 Orbits

Most of the companies focused on developing their business and fail to pay attention to server management until something goes wrong. 10 Orbits provided reliable server administration and dedicated server management support to monitor and maintain your server with maximum stability and security. Our remote server support services plans for Linux server administration and Windows server administration cover various aspects like monitoring your servers 24/7, periodically audit, harden, optimize and update to ensure reliable service with reduced server technical issues. Our server configuration and optimization are backed up by a team of experts with a high understanding and the ability for server maintenance.

Protect your business with Server Security

Want someone with an expert to find the root level cause and fix it for sure? Today server security is a must. 10 Orbits offer an extensive list of security software that we will install and adjust on your request on your server to make it secure. We provide reliable perimeter detection options for security-sensitive applications and harsh exterior environments. We can customize a system to meet your project and security goals with maximizing efficiency, minimize cost and ensure a solution. Once you have decided to protect your server with a perimeter security system from 10 Orbits, we’ll provide the resources to ensure that your system operates at high performance.

Under Server Administration we provides

  1. Amazon web servers (AWS)
  2. Web Servers (nginx, apache)
  3. DNS
  4. Load Balancers
  5. CDN
  6. Proxy Servers
  7. SQL Servers (Postgres, mysql)

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