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Offshore Staffing

10 Orbits provides offshore IT staffs for software, website, app development, server administration and for other IT support

We have wide range of resources for all of your technology needs. We provide project managers, web developers, programmers, server adminsitrators, digital marketers and other IT Support Staffs  to take charge of your requirements. 

Feel free to contact us for IT Staffing solutions for short or long term

IT Staffing Solutions

Extend your IT team

Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a flexible outsourcing model that enables you to get resources fast and you manage  the augmented team directly. You choose the candidates that fit your requirements. You can reduce or extend the augmented team whenever you want.

Outsource your project

IT Outsourcing

Outsource your IT related business process, application development, server management or any IT related support. We have various outsourcing models for short or long term collaboration.

Remote Development Team

Build your remote development team

Build your own remote development center

Build your own remote development center

Are you looking to create your own remote development center? 10 Orbits can become the managing partner for your new or existing remote development center.

Build your dedicated team

Build your dedicated team

Building an extended team with 10 Orbits is just like opening your own remote development center, but without the hassle.

Outsourcing Models

Flexible models to suit your need

Fixed Price Model
short term

Fixed Price Model

  • Best suited for business looking to kick-start their project with predefined requirements.
  • This model works well for smaller projects, where the client has control over the project and knows what’s needed from the inception to the implementation.
  • With this model, the clients have the complete delivery of the product with no worries of budget.
Time and Material Model
short-long term

Time and Material Model

  • Best fits for complex, projects, where specifications and time competitions are not clear or may change in between.
  • Improvements can be done wherever necessary during the whole process.
  • Payments are Based on the amount of work done and can be paid monthly.
  • Well structured information with transparency in work and transactions, creates strong connection between team and the client and hence best suited for longer projects.
Dedicated Team model
long term

Dedicated Team model

  • Suited for Team Augmentation
  • Best match for agile based development with multiple releases and support.

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