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IT Outsourcing Company for Offshore Software & Machine Learning Development Services.
We work with startups, software development companies, digital marketing agencies and enterprises to help simplify their IT outsourcing experience and reduce costs/time-to-market.

Offshore Staffing

Hire offshore dedicated experts or a full team

We provide offshore staffing services on various IT fields, with each individual carefully selected to match your processes, tools and technologies. Our flexible plan allows you to build a short or long term team

  • Offshore Software Development
  • Offshore Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Development
  • Offshore Digital Marketing and Social Media Management
  • Offshore Server Administration hostimg and VPS management


We provide various offshore outsourcing services related to software and app development

Software Development

You focus on Business and Operations, let us build the software and technology.

  • Concept/Wireframe
  • Design
  • Product Planning (Sprints/Versions)
  • Project Management
  • Programming & Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Release Planning

App Development

Every business needs an app, We build app that works in combination with your other sales channels.

  • Concept/Wireframe
  • Design
  • App Development iOS & Android
  • Api Development
  • Hosting
  • Server Administration

Website Development

Every business needs a website, We build website that works in combination with your other sales channels.

  • Concept/Wireframe
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Content Planning
  • Web Hosting
  • Server Administration

Digital Marketing

Use all digital mediums including social media to rightly promote your business and generate sales lead.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Content Planning
  • Creative Design

Server Administration & Hosting

We have experience in maintaining Large Cloud or VPS Servers

  • Amazon web servers (AWS)
  • Web Servers (nginx, apache)
  • DNS
  • Load Balancers
  • CDN
  • Proxy Servers
  • SQL Servers (Postgres, mysql)

Artificial Intelligence

We work with Computer Vision/Image Recognition, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

  • AI Based Services
  • Computer Vision/Image Recognition
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning

ERP/Odoo Development & Customization

If you are willing to expand or setup a remote Odoo Team, 10 Orbits provides you with flexible models to pick a complete team or a specialist, on per project basis, hourly basis or dedicated team

  • ERP/Odoo Development and Customization
  • ERP/Odoo Consultation
  • ERP/Odoo Hosting
  • ERP/Odoo Migration
  • ERP/Odoo Support and Maintenance
  • Hire a complete Odoo Team
  • Hire Odoo Expert

Pricing Models

Select the pricing model that suits your project

Fixed Price Model

Predefine requirement & price

Fixed Price Model
  • Best suited for business looking to kick-start their project with predefined requirements.
  • This model works well for smaller projects, where the client has control over the project and knows what’s needed from the inception to the implementation.
  • With this model, the clients have the complete delivery of the product with no worries of budget.

Time & Material Price Model

Time & Material is paid on basis of volume of work done

Time and Material Price Model
  • Best fits for complex, projects, where specifications and time competitions are not clear or may change in between.
  • Improvements can be done wherever necessary during the whole process.
  • Payments are Based on the amount of work done and can be paid monthly.
  • Well structured information with transparency in work and transactions, creates strong connection between team and the client and hence best suited for longer projects.

Dedicated Team Price Model

The Dedicated Team Price Model is the best model for offshore development

Dedicated Team Price Model
  • Flexibility to change requirements.
  • Best match for agile based development with multiple releases and support.

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